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Windshields Repaired
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Windshield Repairs

It can happen in an instant: You’re driving along, minding your own business, when – pop! Road debris has just chipped your windshield.

When this occurs, your windshield may not need a full replacement. If the damage is smaller than a quarter, chances are good that it can be repaired. We can take care of that for you.

Repair Before Repair After
If the damage to your windshield is smaller than a quarter in size, it is likely repairable. If it’s any larger, you’ll probably need a new windshield.
In most cases, a windshield can be repaired in about 30 minutes or less.
If the total damage – including any cracks that might have spread out from the impact point – is larger than a quarter, the windshield likely can’t be repaired.
If a repair doesn’t work and you’re paying out of pocket, we’ll deduct the repair cost from the cost your new windshield. If you’ve filed an insurance claim for a repair, we can simply switch the repair to a replacement.
After the repair is complete, you may still see remnants of the damage; this is normal. If, however, the repair distracts you while driving, your insurance (where applicable) will cover a full windshield replacement.

Glass Replacements

Here at Tri State we like to say, “If it’s got wheels, and if it’s got glass, we can do it.” And that’s no exaggeration.

After 43 years in business, our expert technicians can replace almost any piece of glass on any type of vehicle. Check out some of the examples that we routinely work on.

Replacement Before Replacement After
  • Classics and antiques
  • Bucket and utility trucks
  • RVs and coaches
  • Fire engines
  • Heavy earth movers
  • Big rigs and haulers
The installation process varies, but most vehicles’ windshields can be replaced (excluding any calibrations that may be necessary) within 1.5 hours.
After a windshield installation, we recommend waiting two hours before driving to allow the urethane to cure properly.
Water shouldn’t hurt your vehicle or impede the curing process. But, under no circumstances should soap or solvents come into contact with the area on or around your new windshield.
Yes! If you require a dealer or original-equipment (OE) windshield, we can order it.
We offer the following services:
  • Windshield replacement
  • Vent glass replacement
  • Quarter glass replacement
  • Door glass replacement
  • Rear/back glass replacement
  • Sunroof replacement
  • Mirror replacement (side and rearview)

ADAS Calibrations

ADAS means Automated Driver Assistance Systems, and it refers to any type of automated assistance provided by the vehicle to the driver. When an ADAS-equipped vehicle has its windshield removed or replaced, a qualified technician (that’s us!) must properly re-calibrate the system.

While there are many types of ADAS functions, we’ve listed some of the most common ones below.


By 2022, 100% of all new vehicles will be equipped with ADAS features.

Yes! Our technicians are fully trained and certified to complete both static and dynamic calibrations.
To function properly, a vehicle’s cameras, radars and lasers must be in proper alignment. Because these systems are detached during windshield replacement, the vehicle must undergo recalibration when the systems are reconnected. Calibration guides the vehicle’s computer & ensures these systems are working properly.
Because of the advanced nature of ADAS, some calibrations can require up to three hours. If you’re bringing your vehicle to our shop, please prepare accordingly.
When an ADAS-equipped vehicle’s cameras, radars and lasers are displaced – even a few millimeters – they will not give accurate readings. This could cause the vehicle to operate in an unsafe and unreliable manner.
Under normal circumstances, our technicians can handle all your vehicle’s ADAS calibration needs.

Customer Reviews

Here’s what our customers say about us:


These folks know what customer service means! I needed a side-view mirror replaced and called them on Friday. They had to order the part. By Monday morning, Dylan the technician was at my workplace, and the mirror was replaced and done! Boom


Marilyn A.
Wonderful experience from the scheduling to the replacement of my windshield. Friendly, enthusiastic employees! Refreshing to deal with folks that are pleasant and good at what they do. Definitely recommend Tri State!! Well done!!!


Tanya F.

Great quality service! Greg did an awesome job installing my windshield. You can definitely tell he takes pride in his work.


Cody L.

I’ve had two amazing experiences with Tri State Auto Glass! They are the nicest people and their service is very fast and very detailed. Look no further, you’ve found your new auto glass people!!


Anna A.
The staff was very friendly to me and my kids! They were fast and did a great job will definitely be using them again if i were to need it!


Danielle S.

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