Did you know your windshield is a safety device?

Air Bags

During a severe front impact your airbags deploy outward to protect the passengers. The airbags depend on the windshield to provide a backstop that directs them toward the drivers and passengers. A damaged or improperly installed windshield limits the effectiveness of your airbags which could result in injury or even death for those in the driver and front passenger seat.


The windshield in your vehicle is an important part of the framework and structure of your vehicle and is designed to support over 40% of your vehicles weight in a rollover. A cracked or damaged windshield may not provide the support needed to hold your vehicle in a rollover severely decreasing your time to escape the vehicle and increasing the likelihood of serious injury.


Your windshield is also designed to keep drivers and passengers inside the car in a catastrophic crash. If it has been cracked or damaged, the impact caused by air bag deployment can result in the entire windshield being pushed out of place. This can result in ejection from the vehicle, an improperly or cheaply installed windshield puts you at greater risk.

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